boob staring pots

Isaac Nichols

have a hot sausage and a happy sunday :-y

Isaac Nichols' pots, more soon! 



From left to right, top to bottom:
Robert Blachon & Mary Ellen Carroll, "Gilbert & George", 1994
Tourist postcards from NYC
Smiley postcards from the Baggu store, Brooklyn
Alberto Giacometti, "Zärtliche Berührung", 1932
William Wegman, "Reading two books", 1971
"The Elephant Hotel", also known as Coney's Colossus between 1884 and 1896


back on the other side of the ocean

puffy home decoration stickers, made in China
of course
home over the sea
The Economy Candy, the biggest candy store you can imagine
a bunch of grapes purse, for dollars and dimes
rainbow glass from the Moma store and a set of new pens and pencils
Baggu bag
Sprocket clock, by Milton Glaser


walked my feet off

Fort Greene Flea, Brooklyn


Sipping the time away

'The Sipper' by Tim Lahan. Print available via Sub Press.

Marthe Ramm Fortun at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Norway
A lemon on a box
A nutcracker in my hand


Some 15th Century Flemish Sunday clothes for this Sunny Monday

Le Portrait Dans L'Art Flamand : de Memling à Van Dyck : 
Orangerie des Tuileries, Paris, 21 octobre 1952 - 5 janvier 1953 ('The Portrait in Flemish Art')
by Paul Fierens & Musée de L'Orangerie, published by Éditions de la Connaissance, Brussels, 1952